Occupy Julorbi House: Bridget Otoo manhandled, dragged into Police HQ

Occupy Julorbi House: Bridget Otoo manhandled, dragged into Police HQ

Ghanaian Journalist Bridget Otoo found herself in a chaotic situation during the “Occupy Julorbi House” protest, which was met with police intervention on September 21, 2023.

Bridget, a prominent figure from Metro TV, was on-site at the Police station where numerous protesters had been apprehended and were being held in detention.

A widely circulated video captured Bridget alongside other members of the media, stationed outside the Police Headquarters.

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In a distressing turn of events, she was physically manhandled and forcibly taken into the Police Station by a group of men, with the entrance gate subsequently locked.

Despite an injunction issued by the Ghana Police, the protest, organized by the Democracy Hub pressure group, proceeded as planned on September 21.

Police officers arrested demonstrators and transported them to the Accra Regional Police Headquarters. There, those detained were divided into smaller groups and distributed among various Police stations throughout the city, effectively limiting media access to the detainees.

In response to these developments, lawyers were urgently summoned to offer legal assistance at the different Police stations. Several legal professionals promptly arrived to provide support to the individuals in custody, ensuring they received the necessary legal representation during this tense and challenging situation.

The incident underscores the ongoing tension surrounding protests and freedom of expression in Ghana.

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