NRSA and GHA to construct 5 rest stops on highways to reduce crashes

The National Road Safety Authority (NRSA) in collaboration with the Ghana Highways Authority (GHA) is working on the construction of five rest stops along highways in Ghana. These rest stops aim to provide motorists with suitable locations to take periodic rests during long journeys.

At present, three rest stops are already under construction, and the remaining two are expected to be completed in the near future. Pearl Adusu Sateckla, the Public Relations Officer for the NRSA, explained that the purpose of these rest stops is to allow both drivers and travelers to take breaks during extended trips.

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The NRSA and the Ghana Highways Authority are implementing various initiatives to improve road safety. The construction of rest stops is one such measure. The Ghana Highways Authority has planned the establishment of five rest stops throughout the country. These stops will serve as designated areas where drivers can take a break after driving for more than four hours.

By providing rest stops along highways, the authorities aim to address driver fatigue, which is a major contributor to road accidents. These rest stops will offer a safe and convenient environment for drivers to rest, stretch their legs, and refresh themselves before continuing their journeys. Ultimately, the goal is to enhance road safety and reduce the risks associated with long-distance travel.

The establishment of rest stops reflects the commitment of the NRSA and the Ghana Highways Authority to ensuring the well-being of road users. By creating designated resting areas, they aim to promote responsible driving practices and reduce the incidence of accidents caused by fatigue. These initiatives contribute to an overall improvement in road safety standards across the country.

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