NPA to commence Cylinder Recirculation Model in September

NPA to commence Cylinder Recirculation Model in September

The National Petroleum Authority (NPA) is planning to launch the Cylinder Recirculation Model (CRM) program in September.

According to Perry Okudzeto, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the NPA, the CRM will allow residents of Accra and selected parts of the country to use Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) for domestic and commercial activities without owning a cylinder.

Under the CRM, filled LPG cylinders will be stored at exchange points, and customers can pay for the content and pick up the cylinders after registering with their National Identity Card.

The NPA, along with its partners and under the Ministry of Energy’s supervision, will spearhead the implementation of the program.

The rollout will begin in September in Accra and Kumasi, with plans to gradually expand across the country. The CRM will run alongside the current distribution model until it is phased out.

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A committee of 50 members, including representatives from LPG Marketing Companies, is working on the CRM, and their inputs have been considered in designing the framework.

The main objectives of the CRM are to provide safe and environmentally friendly LPG to at least 50% of Ghanaians by 2030, improve access to LPG, enhance safety in distribution, and increase the adoption of LPG.

The implementation will involve procuring cylinders from manufacturing companies and sending them to Bottling Plants for filling.

Specialized trucks will then transport the filled cylinders to exchange depots and eventually to cylinder exchange points for consumers to register and pay.

To ensure traceability and gather consumer data, registration with the Ghana card at exchange points will be necessary.

The NPA has already conducted a successful pilot program in different regions, and the infrastructure is ready for the safe delivery and use of LPG across the operational areas.

Several CRM Bottling facilities, as well as cylinder manufacturing companies, are prepared to participate in the rollout.

These include GOIL Bottling Plant, Blue Ocean, Newgas, APPEB Cylinder Manufacturing Company, SIGMA Cylinder Manufacturing Company, and Ghana Cylinder Manufacturing Company.

The bottling plants will play a crucial role in the new policy, as LPG-filled cylinders will be distributed from there to exchange points for consumers to access.

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