Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

No more jobs as the government freezes public sector employment

No more jobs as the government freezes public sector employment

According to the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori Atta, all employment in the public sector will be prohibited starting in January 2023.

Mr. Ofori Atta presented the budget and economic strategy for 2023 to the legislature on Thursday. Additionally, he revealed that the amount of fuel coupons supplied to political appointees and the leaders of MDAs, MMDAs, and SOEs would be lowered by 50% and that only locally made automobiles would be permitted for new vehicle purchases.

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“Mr. Speaker, the Government has adopted the following instructions, which will go into effect in January 2023, as the first step toward expenditure rationalization: Political appointees and the heads of MDAs, MMDAs, and SOEs are to receive a 50% fuel allocation reduction from all MDAs, MMDAs, and SOEs.

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“This regulation covers all fuel distribution mechanisms, including fuel depots, electronic cards, chit systems, and coupons. As a result, 50% of the fuel budget for the prior year (2022) must be set aside for MDA, MMDA, and SOE official business;

“A prohibition on the use of V8/V6 engines or their equivalent, with the exception of cross-country trips. There would be a limited budgetary allotment for the acquisition of automobiles, and starting in January 2023, all government vehicles would be registered with GV green license plates.

“For the avoidance of confusion, only locally produced vehicles may be purchased as new vehicles;

“Only necessary official travel for all branches of government, including SOEs, will be permitted. Board members shall not be permitted to go abroad for official business.

“Therefore, by the middle of December, 2023, all government institutions shall submit to the Chief of Staff a travel plan listing all anticipated travel;

Meetings and workshops should, whenever possible, be held in official settings or government buildings. Government-sponsored external training and staff development activities at the Office of the President, Ministries, and SOEs must be suspended for the fiscal year 2023. cost-cutting measures for appointments, such as wage freezes, along with the suspension of some perks including those for housing, utilities, clothing, etc.

“A halt to new tax exemptions for foreign businesses and a reassessment of tax breaks for free zones, mining, and oil and gas industries; a hiring halt for civil servants and other public employees. There won’t be any new government organizations created in 2023, and there won’t be any hampers in 2022.

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