Yaw Anokye Frimpong

No Individual Coined The Name ‘Ghana’ – Historian Reveals

Yaw Anokye Frimpong, a knowledgeable historian, has emphasized that the name ‘Ghana’ was not coined by any individual, contrary to some public perceptions.

He clarified that the name existed more than 600 years ago, well before Kwame Nkrumah’s appearance on the political scene in the former Gold Coast.

Frimpong explained that Ghana was the foremost among the western Sudanese empires that were established.

During an interview on Kafui Dey’s YouTube channel, Frimpong delved into the origins of the name Ghana.

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He revealed that the term, entity, and concept of Ghana were first mentioned in the Sahara region many centuries prior to Kwame Nkrumah’s use of the term.

The historical context places Ghana’s roots between Mali, southern Mauritania, and the eastern part of Guinea, forming a vast empire known as the Ghana empire.

Frimpong highlighted that the Ghana empire was the initial entity among the Western Sudanese empires, which also included Mali and Songai.

He further detailed how the abundance of gold in the region contributed to Ghana’s global recognition. The name Ghana became synonymous with gold due to the empire’s immense reserves.

Gold was so abundant in the Ghana empire that it was even used to bury the deceased.


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