NLA staff busted over fraud

NLA staff busted over fraud

Three people, including National Lottery Authority (NLA) employees, are being held for stealing lottery winnings by the National Security.

According to the Daily Guide, National Signals Bureau (NSB) representatives raided the Fortune House offices of the NLA to seize its servers and question staff members in the IT Department about what they consider to be illicit transactions on the NLA IT systems.

According to the allegations, two suspects were apprehended at various locations after NSB investigations into several anomalous win liquidations, which resulted in the arrest of an Authority IT staff member.

The suspects, who are in National Security’s custody and are collaborating with investigations, are accused of earning millions of cedis through the fraudulent act of acquiring properties.

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According to a leaked internal memo to NLA employees, on March 1, 2023, Director-General Samuel Awuku briefed workers about ongoing National Signals Bureau inquiries into various erroneous transactions on the liquidation of unclaimed wins discovered on NLA’s IT systems.

The NLA Governing Board met on Thursday, March 23, 2023, and the NSB provided a briefing on the ongoing investigations where a staff member admitted his role in the fraudulent operations that resulted in the loss of millions to the fraudsters.

The staff member apologized and acknowledged to the NLA Governing Board that they had liquidated unclaimed wins together with others.

But after carefully weighing all the information, the Governing Board instructed the NSB to look into the case and follow it through to its logical conclusion.

Since then, the NSB has broadened its inquiry to include all facets of alleged fraudulent activities, regardless of whether those responsible are members of senior management, management, or any other type of staff.

Following its investigations, the NSB transmitted the docket detailing its conclusions to the Attorney General’s Office for the prosecution of the staff member now in their custody as well as any other staff or individuals found to be responsible.

Information suggests that tension is rising at the Authority as staff members are on edge due to rumors that more people may be arrested in the coming days.

The investigation was started by the Director-General, Sammy Awuku, who notified the NSB to help solve the mystery after seeing the anomalous trend of the liquidation of prizes.

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