NIA registers over 17m Ghanaians, aims to capture additional 2m within 3 months

The National Identification Authority (NIA) in Ghana has achieved a significant milestone by successfully registering more than 17 million Ghanaians onto the National Identity Register.

With a projected target of capturing an additional 2 million individuals within the next three months, the NIA is eagerly awaiting the release of funds for its operations to continue its registration efforts.

Addressing the media, Professor Ken Attafuah, the CEO of the NIA, expressed a sense of urgency among citizens striving to obtain their Ghana cards before the deadline for the SIM card re-registration exercise.

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He emphasized that once the Authority receives sufficient funding, its primary objective is to complete the registration process for all Ghanaians aged 15 and above within a maximum of three months.

Professor Attafuah highlighted that out of the estimated population of 31 million Ghanaians, the Ghana Statistical Service reports that the population aged 15 and above is approximately 19.9 million.

The NIA has already captured 17.421 million individuals within this age group, leaving a relatively small population of 2 million individuals yet to be registered.

The NIA is confident in its capacity to register the remaining 2 million individuals within the given timeframe. However, the successful completion of the registration process hinges on the timely release of the necessary funds to sustain the Authority’s operations.

Once the funding is secured, the NIA aims to expedite the registration process, ensuring that every eligible Ghanaian aged 15 and above is included in the National Identity Register.

The Ghana card, issued by the NIA, serves as a comprehensive identification document that incorporates various personal details and biometric information of the cardholder.

It plays a crucial role in facilitating efficient service delivery, promoting transparency, and enhancing security in both public and private transactions.

The NIA’s ongoing registration efforts align with the government’s commitment to establish a reliable national identification system that benefits individuals and the country as a whole.

The Ghana card enables citizens to access essential services, exercise their rights, and participate fully in socioeconomic activities while ensuring accurate data and identity verification across various sectors.

As the NIA awaits the release of funds, it remains determined to continue its registration process, striving to provide Ghanaian citizens with their Ghana cards promptly.

The successful completion of this endeavor will contribute to the overall development and progress of the nation, fostering a more inclusive and digitally connected society.

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