Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

Netizens react seeing a white guy as trotro mate

Netizens react seeing a white guy as trotro mate

Growing up in African nations like Ghana, we are fed the idea that life is perfect overseas and that its residents are living “the life,” as they say.

It is frequently observed that the majority of Africans, including Ghanaians, work hard here to acquire something so they can leave the country in search of greener pastures.

This is primarily due to the lack of jobs in this country and the misconception that the west has the ability to cure all of our problems, but is this truly the case?

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A white man has been seen in a recent web video working as a trotro mate (bus conductor) in one of the Ghanaian localities.

Although the man’s identity hasn’t been made public, it raises the question of why he would leave the luxury of his ostensible home to work as a trotro mate in Ghana.

The native term for minibuses in Ghana is “trotro.” In addition to taxis, it is one of the primary modes of transportation in the nation. The trotro mate is in charge of taking the fare and opening the bus door.

Due to its accessibility and low cost, trotro is used by the majority of people in Ghana. Trotro is accessible practically everywhere in the nation.

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