NCA To Deactivate And Remove Active Unregistered SIM Cards Today

As per a directive from the National Communications Authority (NCA), today, on May 31, a significant action is underway to deactivate and remove all active and unregistered SIM cards.

This decision has been made in order to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and promote security in the communication sector.

The NCA, as the governing body responsible for overseeing telecommunications in the country, has taken this step to address concerns related to unregistered SIM cards, which pose potential risks to national security and public safety.

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By deactivating and removing these SIM cards, the NCA aims to establish a more controlled and secure communication environment.

This measure will help prevent unauthorized use of SIM cards, discourage illegal activities, and enhance the overall integrity of the telecommunications system.

It is a crucial step towards ensuring that all users of mobile services are properly registered and identifiable, which in turn contributes to the effective monitoring and management of the communication network.

With this directive in place, network service providers are expected to cooperate fully and promptly in implementing the deactivation and removal process.

Subscribers are urged to comply with the instructions and regulations set forth by their respective service providers and the NCA to avoid any disruption of their communication services.

Individuals who possess active or unregistered SIM cards are advised to contact their service provider immediately to rectify the situation and complete the necessary registration process.

The NCA remains committed to ensuring a secure and reliable communication infrastructure that benefits both individuals and the nation as a whole.

By enforcing the deactivation and removal of active and unregistered SIM cards, the NCA aims to establish a more accountable and regulated telecommunications landscape, fostering a safer and more efficient communication ecosystem for everyone involved.

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