My Girlfriend Behaves Like A Reincarnated Version of My Mother

During my younger years, I struggled to comprehend why my mother held onto the mistakes I had made in the past. It seemed that no matter how much time had passed, she would find a way to bring up those past transgressions whenever I made a new mistake.

One incident that stands out in my memory is when she sent me to buy something across the street and I ended up losing the money. When I returned home, she beat me and even served my food without meat as a reminder of my mistake.

This pattern continued, and anytime she entrusted me with money, she would make sure to remind me of the money I had misplaced.

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Even when neighbors gave me money, she would caution them, warning them about my tendency to misplace things.

I was in fifth grade when that incident occurred, and as I grew older, it became increasingly apparent that my mother never let go of past transgressions.

Unfortunately, my mother passed away years ago, but her inability to forgive and forget still lingers in my mind.

However, the focus of this story is now on the woman in my life, Linda. She resembles an upgraded version of my mother, as if my mom were W5.1 and Linda is W11.6.4.

The ‘W’ here represents woman, and Linda surpasses my mother in her ability to cling onto even the most insignificant matters.

While I know that Linda loves me, her inability to let go of things has a significant impact on our relationship.

I genuinely love her too, but if she could shed this aspect of her character, our love story would take on a different tone. I have tried countless times to explain to her that I have experienced this type of behavior in the past and did not enjoy it, emphasizing that I do not wish to relive it in my adult life.

However, even that statement is used against me whenever a new issue arises. She would retort, “No wonder your mom treated you the way she did. She knew who you would become when you grew up.”

One afternoon, while we were cooking together at her place, Linda had to step out to buy something from the street. Before leaving, she instructed me to add salt to the rice that was cooking.

Unfortunately, I mistakenly added sugar instead of salt. When the rice was served, we discovered the unusual sweetness.

I immediately apologized, explaining that I hadn’t noticed the difference because the salt and sugar were stored in identical containers. Despite my apology, she refused to eat the rice.

Determined not to waste the food, I consumed it myself. Although this incident took place a year ago, she continues to remind me not to add sugar to her food whenever I enter the kitchen.

What began as a lighthearted joke has now become a source of annoyance. Whenever she is cooking and I happen to pass by, she warns me to stay away, stating that she will call me only when she needs sugar in her food.

One evening, while sitting outside together, we encountered a lady struggling to carry excessive loads.

One of the items was on the verge of falling, and instinctively, I reached out and caught it before it hit the ground. The lady expressed her gratitude, and since she lived nearby, I decided to assist her by carrying some of her loads and accompanying her to her house.

The way she showered me with praises made me feel as though I had accomplished something significant, like saving the life of a child belonging to a mother with no other offspring. Even her parents came out to express their gratitude and remarked on my good upbringing.

Upon returning to Linda’s place, she was not there initially. When she finally saw me, engrossed in using my phone, she exclaimed, “Wow, Aboabo superman! Where were you


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