MoMo agents association urges members to re-register

The Money Mobile Money Agents Association of Ghana is urging its members to comply with the one-month ultimatum issued by the Ministry of Communications to re-register their merchant SIMs.

The ministry announced that nearly 280,000 merchant SIMs in the country have not been registered, creating an opportunity for fraudsters to exploit them for illegal activities.

During her address to Parliament, Minister Ursula Owusu-Ekuful provided an update on the SIM re-registration exercise, stating that all unregistered merchant SIMs will be permanently blocked by the end of June 2023.

She also disclosed that over 29.9 million SIM cards had been registered during the recent exercise but highlighted that approximately 280,000 merchant SIM cards remained unregistered.

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In response to this ultimatum, the Money Mobile Money Agents Association of Ghana is urging its members, who are mobile money agents, to take immediate action and re-register their merchant SIMs within the given timeframe.

By doing so, they can ensure compliance with the government’s directive and avoid potential disruptions to their services.

The association emphasizes the importance of its members adhering to this re-registration process to maintain the integrity of the mobile money ecosystem and protect customers from fraudulent activities.

The association is encouraging its members to take advantage of the one-month grace period to complete the necessary registration procedures and safeguard their SIM cards from being permanently blocked.

Overall, the one-month ultimatum serves as a reminder to mobile money agents in Ghana to prioritize the re-registration of their merchant SIMs.

By promptly re-registering their SIMs, they can continue to provide reliable and secure mobile money services while complying with the government’s efforts to curb fraud and enhance telecommunications security.

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