Man goes blind during Guinness World Record attempt

Man goes blind during Guinness World Record attempt

Guinness World Records has witnessed a surge in record-breaking attempts from Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, in recent months.

This trend was sparked by a chef named Hilda Baci, who embarked on a four-day cooking marathon to showcase Nigerian cuisine and put it on the world map.

The record frenzy began in May when Hilda Baci’s cooking attempt garnered significant public attention.

She aimed to cook continuously for 100 hours, and her endeavor was closely followed by many.

In fact, the overwhelming interest in her feat caused the official Guinness World Records website to crash for two days.

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Although Hilda Baci fell short of her goal, managing 93 hours and 11 minutes, her attempt still broke the previous cooking marathon record set in India in 2019.

Following her lead, others in Nigeria have been inspired to pursue their own record-breaking attempts.

One such individual is Tembu Ebere, who has been striving to weep non-stop for a week, enduring physical discomforts such as headaches, puffy eyes, a swollen face, and even partial blindness for 45 minutes during his efforts.

Another Nigerian, John Obot, a schoolteacher, plans to attempt a reading marathon in September.

He aims to spend 140 hours reading classic literature aloud, seeking to set a new record in this category.

The enthusiasm for record-breaking attempts in Nigeria showcases the nation’s passion for achievements and highlights the diversity of talents and interests in the country.

As more individuals participate in such endeavors, Nigeria continues to make its mark on the global stage.

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