Man dragged to court for marrying 5 wives

On April 12, during a court hearing, Sambo Maigari informed the court that Musa Abdullahi, a community leader, reported the matter to the Rigasa Police Division. The defendant claimed that he had only four wives because he had divorced the fourth wife a month before marrying the fifth.

However, he admitted that the fourth wife had not yet finished her waiting period (Iddah), which required her to observe three menstrual cycles. The fifth wife, Naja’atu Kabir, stated that she did not know he was still married to the fourth wife and that she was one month pregnant.

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The judge, Malam Anass Khalifa, ruled that it was wrong for the defendant to add another wife when he knew that the fourth wife had not yet completed Iddah.

However, he acknowledged that the pregnancy of the fifth wife was legitimate. After conducting a thorough investigation and receiving testimony from witnesses, the court determined that the defendant was ignorant of the Islamic rulings on marriage and divorce.

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