Man dragged to court after catching wife in bed with another man

A HARARE woman’s marriage is in trouble due to charges of infidelity.

Netsai Mutasa made a request for a protective order against her husband, Gabriel Mutasa, in front of the Harare Civil Court yesterday.

However, the application was turned down due to its lack of merit. According to Netsai, her spouse was violent.

She claimed, “My husband hits and belittles me.”

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Gabriel, however, refuted the accusations and said that he had observed Netsai having sexual relations with three other guys.

Netsai allegedly made up their son’s paternity, according to Gabriel.

“Someone came up to me and claimed that my son was not their son.

“My son was taken to his father’s place and is not at home right now.

The difficult issue, he continued, is that I have been covering his tuition for years.

Netsai was informed by Magistrate Tamara Chibindi that she lacked proof for her assertions.

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