Lionel Messi plans go to Saudi Arabia

Lionel Messi will go to Saudi Arabia later this month, marking his third visit in less than a year, according to the country’s tourism minister, who also revealed that the Saudi Pro League is interested in signing him.

The country’s tourism minister, Ahmed Al-Khatib, said that the Paris Saint-Germain forward, who added to his illustrious career by winning the World Cup in Qatar last year, will visit in March.

I’m excited to welcome our tourism ambassador this month, together with his family and friends, so they may see some of our most stunning tourist attractions, get to know our people, and take part in exciting new experiences. On Twitter, Al-Khatib stated.

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The information was released just before Bayern Munich eliminated PSG from the Champions League on Wednesday.

After being named the country’s tourism ambassador by the oil-rich nation, Messi visited Jeddah in May. He then went back in January to play a friendly game with PSG against a squad of Saudi League stars, where he faced longtime rival Cristiano Ronaldo.

After Al Hilal and Al Ittihad reportedly expressed interest in recruiting the world champion, Ronaldo’s contract with Al Nassr, which was finalized last year and is worth a record $75 million annually, raised Saudi hopes of a rekindled rivalry with Messi in the Saudi League.

Al Ittihad fans chanted Messi’s name in a local match on Friday, and club president Anmar Al-Haeli referred to a Messi deal in a video last week, saying “God willing. The deal needs time and arrangement.”

Meanwhile, Ramon Diaz, coach of Al Hilal, told reporters last month: “The presence of Ronaldo makes us believe that Messi may come to Saudi Arabia as well. Saudi football is growing significantly and seems capable of attracting the biggest players.”

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