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LilWin to contest Afigya Kwabre South seat as an independent candidate

Ghanaian actor Kwadwo Nkansah, widely known as Lilwin, has announced his intentions to step into the political arena as an independent candidate for the Afigya Kwabre South parliamentary seat in the Ashanti region.

Lilwin shared that this decision was prompted by the encouragement he received from prominent figures in his constituency, including chiefs and other respected individuals.

They approached him with the proposition to participate in the upcoming elections. During an interview on August 23, 2023, with Okay FM, he expressed that local leaders believed he should contest as an independent candidate, emphasizing the substantial support he enjoys from his widespread fan base.

Detailing the sequence of events, Lilwin explained that elders initiated discussions about his potential as an MP around October of the previous year.

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After watching his latest movie, ‘Mr. President,’ they became even more determined to persuade him to run for office.

They approached his family members, including his mother and uncle, and shared their conviction that he should take on this role.

Despite his initial reluctance, Lilwin continued to be urged by these leaders to run as an independent candidate.

Their rationale was that by doing so, he could avoid dividing his supporters who belong to different political parties such as NPP, NDC, or CPP.

The leaders also reassured him that if he decided to contest, he would be provided with an English language tutor to improve his communication skills.

This move was aimed at enabling him to effectively express his ideas and connect with a wider audience.

Reflecting on the challenges faced by the youth in his region, Lilwin expressed his intent to focus on job creation as a key aspect of his political agenda.

He highlighted the prevalence of issues related to drug and alcohol abuse among young people due to the lack of employment opportunities.

Lilwin believes that by addressing this issue, he can contribute to steering the youth away from destructive behaviors and towards positive paths.


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