Lasmid Owes VGMA 2023 Attendees GHS 100 And GHS 50 To Those Who Watched After His Abysmal Performance – DJ Slim

DJ Slim, a prominent radio presenter and Disc Jockey, recently voiced his strong criticism of Lasmid’s performance at the 24th Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

Lasmid, known for his composition “Friday Night,” received widespread negative feedback for his underwhelming stage presence and overall delivery during the prestigious event.

DJ Slim went as far as to suggest that Lasmid owed a financial apology to both the attendees of the award show and the viewers who watched from the comfort of their homes.

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In an interview on Hitz FM, DJ Slim expressed his utter disbelief at Lasmid’s disappointing performance, particularly considering his background as a product of a reality show.

The radio presenter emphasized that Lasmid had no valid excuse for delivering such a lackluster and subpar act on such a grand platform.

The disappointment in DJ Slim’s voice was palpable as he struggled to comprehend how Lasmid could have fallen short in showcasing his talent and potential.

Going further, DJ Slim proposed a rather unconventional solution to compensate for Lasmid’s subpar performance.

He suggested that Lasmid should personally reimburse every individual who attended the VGMA with GHS 100, acknowledging their disappointment and inconvenience.

Additionally, DJ Slim felt that Lasmid should extend a gesture of goodwill to those who watched the show from home by offering them GHS 50 as a token of apology for their time and anticipation being let down.

DJ Slim’s remarks have contributed to the ongoing discussions surrounding Lasmid’s performance at the VGMA 2023.

The criticism aimed at Lasmid highlights the high expectations placed upon artists during such esteemed events, and the consequences they may face if they fail to meet those expectations.

Only time will tell how Lasmid and his team will address the aftermath of this controversial performance.

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