Kumasi Tricycle riders to go court over KMA’s decision to ban them

The Pragyia Drivers Association in Kumasi, representing tricycle operators, is escalating its opposition to the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) by threatening legal action.

They aim to challenge the KMA’s decision to restrict tricycle operations within the Central Business District (CBD) through a court interpretation of the situation.

The association believes that the KMA’s actions are discriminatory and unjust, infringing on the tricycles’ right to operate in the city.

The KMA’s decision to impose restrictions on tricycles stems from the increasing indiscipline among tricycle riders and the need to alleviate congestion within the CBD.

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The assembly recognized the negative impact of unregulated tricycle operations on traffic flow and pedestrian safety. In an effort to address these concerns, they initially set June 15 as the starting date for the ban.

However, the KMA later postponed the implementation of the ban to an unspecified future date to allow for further consultations with the various transport unions.

Mohammed Alhanssan, the leader of the Pragyia Drivers Association in Kumasi, expressed his disagreement with the KMA’s decision during an interview on Otec FM’s program called ‘Nyansapo.’ emphasized that tricycles are legally registered with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA), just like any other motor vehicle.

He argues that this registration grants tricycles the right to operate within the city, and the KMA’s actions are therefore discriminatory.

Alhanssan further suggested an alternative approach for decongesting the CBD, proposing that the KMA should consider banning “trotro” vehicles (minibuses) and long vehicles from entering and operating within the CBD.

By directing their attention towards these types of vehicles, he believes the KMA could more effectively reduce traffic congestion in the city.

With tensions rising between the Pragyia Drivers Association and the KMA, the threat of court action looms over the ongoing dispute.

The association seeks legal clarity on the ban and aims to prevent the KMA from implementing its decision.

The outcome of this potential court case could have significant implications for the tricycle operators in Kumasi and potentially reshape the regulations governing their operations within the city.

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