John Agyekum Kufuor

Kufuor Is Not Dead, Desist From Such Wicked Untruths – Official Statement

The Office of the Former President of Ghana, John Agyekum Kufuor, has officially refuted rumors of his death.

The statement, signed by Kwabena Osei-Adubofour, a senior aide and spokesperson for the former president, emphasized that Mr. Kufuor is in good health and carrying out his regular duties.

In recent days, there were widespread rumors circulating on social media platforms about the supposed passing of Mr. Kufuor.

However, the statement from his office firmly dismissed these rumors, describing them as baseless claims driven by mischief or potentially politically motivated.

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The statement urged the public to disregard the false reports and assured everyone that the former president is very much alive and well.

It also appealed to those responsible for spreading such untrue information to stop doing so, as these rumors have caused unnecessary distress.

The office speculated that the individuals behind these rumors may be engaging in mischief-making or pursuing unclear political motives.

Despite the rumors, the office expressed its continued prayers for God’s blessings upon the former president.

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