Kuami Eugene recounts a club altercation with a man over his woman.

Kuami Eugene recounts a club altercation with a man over his woman.

Kuami Eugene has revealed that he almost got into a fight in a bar with a man who inappropriately touched his “girlfriend” there.

On the song “Stripped by Sika Osei,” the well-known singer recalled how far he had gone to defend a woman and how an inappropriate touch from a guy had brought out the “Fadama” boy in him, leading to a close call.

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Before Kuami Eugene became well-known, Richie Mensah, his manager, went out with him to a bar, and on one of those times, he had to defend the woman he was with.

“I had never been to a club before, but Richie took me there. With Richie, I had my first alcoholic beverage. Try it; it’s good, he said after mixing it. I now go to the club alone,” he chuckled.

He narrated the incident as follows: “I had a person I admired, and we were in a bar when we noticed that a man was dancing with her. As it was a club, everything was peaceful and fine. Then it reached a point where I was powerless to stop. He wanted to touch her right now. The boldness. I felt as though someone had placed gas in me. I told you not to touch her, boss.

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“He had to be pushed after he had advanced so far, and it became hot. At that time, T discovered the Fadama boy within me. I approached him, and we began. I had to be led out by them. They encouraged me to avoid starting the argument when I returned to the club during our conversation. It was so hot that I had to leave. People would pull out cameras to record the scene because I wasn’t this large. That is how far I’ve gone for a woman, I wanted to hit back.”

Kuami Eugene, who claims to be unmarried, said he is drawn to intelligent, organized women.

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