KTI sacks 500 students over misconduct

Several students at the Kumasi Technical Institute in the Ashanti Region have been expelled due to their involvement in misconduct and violation of school regulations.

This decision was made by the school authorities in response to a destructive incident that occurred on May 17, resulting in damage to the school’s property.

While the management of the institute has not disclosed specific details about the incident, they have stated that their intention is to enforce discipline within the school.

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They have also submitted an official report on the students’ actions to the Technical and Vocational Education Training Directorate, which will determine the appropriate measures to be taken.

Consequently, the students have been instructed to vacate the dormitories, and they will face the school’s disciplinary committee upon their eventual return.

The parents and guardians of the affected students can expect to be informed about any further developments related to the dismissal by the school authorities.

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