Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
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Korle Bu doctors suspend planned 13th-month pay arrears strike

Korle Bu doctors suspend planned 13th-month pay arrears strike

If management does not come up with a clear plan for paying the arrears, the group previously threatened to stop providing services to the Outpatient Department as well as elective operations and treatments at the hospital from February 6–10.

If management had not responded by February 13th, it advised that emergencies would not be accommodated until all in-patients were discharged.

According to Frank Owusu-Sekyere, the management and employee reached an agreement on a timeframe for the payment of the employee’s salary arrears, and as of today, February 6, the employee’s withdrawal of services has been postponed.

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The management was accused of discrimination in the doctors’ 13th-month salary arrears in a previous protest letter from the doctors working at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.

The doctors also asserted that the management disregarded their advice not to pay the 25% of the arrears unless there was a clear understanding of the timetables for the remaining arrears.

They continued by saying that it appears that the departments now have responsibility for paying the arrears rather than a central fund.

The doctors asserted that decentralizing the payment would harm doctors employed in departments with tight budgets.

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