KNUST secures top spot as world’s best in quality education

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) has achieved a truly remarkable feat by emerging as the leading institution worldwide in providing top-notch quality education, as revealed by the highly anticipated Times Higher Education Impact Ranking 2023.

This prestigious ranking, unveiled on Thursday, has positioned KNUST at the pinnacle of educational excellence with an outstanding score of 93.1 in the category of quality education (SDG 4).

Outshining educational institutions from across the globe, KNUST’s exceptional commitment to delivering exceptional educational experiences has rightfully earned it the top spot.

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Notably, it stands alone as the sole African representative in the coveted top 10 rankings of this year.

While notable contenders like Aalborg University in Denmark secured the second position and Lingnan University in Hong Kong attained the third spot, it is KNUST’s outstanding performance and dedication to quality education that truly sets it apart, making it the unparalleled champion in this global recognition.

The esteemed Times Higher Education Impact Ranking serves as a powerful testament to KNUST’s unwavering pursuit of educational excellence and its resolute commitment to transforming lives through education.

This momentous achievement solidifies KNUST’s position as a beacon of educational brilliance, not only within Ghana but on the international stage as well.

This remarkable feat highlights the tireless efforts of KNUST’s esteemed faculty, staff, and students, who have consistently strived for academic excellence and fostered a culture of innovation.

Their unwavering dedication to creating a conducive learning environment has undoubtedly propelled KNUST to this moment of well-deserved glory.

As KNUST basks in the glory of being recognized as the global leader in quality education, the university remains resolute in its commitment to raising the bar even higher.

With an unwavering focus on academic excellence, KNUST continues to empower future generations of learners, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed for a brighter future for Ghana, Africa, and the world.

This prestigious recognition not only highlights KNUST’s exceptional achievements but also underscores the significance of investing in quality education as a catalyst for societal development and progress.

By setting a shining example on the international stage, KNUST inspires other institutions to strive for excellence and reinforces the importance of education as a powerful force for positive change.

Refer to the official press release from KNUST below:

KNUST secures top spot as
world's best in quality education

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