King Promise’s lookalike arrested – Video

Robest GH, a social media personality who bears a striking resemblance to the Ghanaian musician King Promises, found himself in a troubling situation recently.

A video of his arrest during a TikTok live session circulated widely on various social media platforms, eliciting a wave of sadness and concern from Ghanaians.

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In the footage, a group of police officers can be seen abruptly entering Robest GH’s residence, disrupting his live session, and subsequently apprehending him.

The suddenness and unexpectedness of the arrest startled viewers and left them wondering about the circumstances that led to this incident.

Robest GH, after the arrest, made a bold claim, asserting that popular artist Shatta Wale played a significant role in orchestrating his apprehension.

While Shatta Wale has yet to respond to these allegations, Robest GH remained firm in his belief, stating that his previous actions, which involved issuing threats towards Shatta Wale, were meant to be taken lightly and were never intended as serious harm or harassment.

The unfolding drama between Robest GH and Shatta Wale has captured public attention, fueling speculation and discussion among fans and followers of both personalities.

Many are eager to witness how this situation will develop further, with hopes for a resolution or clarification regarding the true motivations behind Robest GH’s arrest and the alleged involvement of Shatta Wale.

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