Ken Ofori-Atta sues Captain Smart for defamation.

Minister of Finance Ken Ofori-Atta has initiated legal proceedings against Captain Smart, a radio and TV show host, in response to comments made by Captain Smart on his Onua Maakye program.

In a writ filed in the High Court, Ofori-Atta’s lawyer contends that Captain Smart’s remarks were defamatory and seeks GH¢10 million in damages.

According to the court documents, Captain Smart allegedly made false and baseless claims during his program, specifically asserting that “Ken Ofori Atta has taken his 10% of the IMF money” and “Every loan we take, he takes 10%.”

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These statements, Ofori-Atta’s lawyer argues, were not only palpably false and fabricated but were also deliberately designed to tarnish the minister’s reputation.

The lawyer asserts that the statements were malicious and intended to convey meanings that diminish Ofori-Atta in the eyes of the public, suggesting corruption, misappropriation of public funds, and abuse of office.

The statement of case filed by Ofori-Atta’s lawyer asserts that the defamatory remarks have caused significant harm to the minister’s credit, character, and reputation.

Ofori-Atta claims that as a result of these false statements, he has endured public scandal, ridicule, distress, and embarrassment.

The minister argues that he has suffered damage as a consequence of Captain Smart’s actions.

By pursuing legal action, Ofori-Atta aims to address the alleged defamation and seek redress for the harm caused to his reputation.

The outcome of the court case will ultimately determine whether the minister’s claims are upheld and whether damages will be awarded.

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