Jordan Ayew should be the next Black Stars captain – Solar Ayew

Solar Ayew, who is an uncle to the Ayew brothers, holds a strong belief in fairness and justice within the world of football.

In his opinion, Jordan Ayew, the younger of the Ayew siblings, should have been an obvious choice to take over the captaincy of the Ghanaian national team, known as the Black Stars, following in the footsteps of his older brother, Andre Ayew.

Solar Ayew expressed his views during an interview with Ezra FM, as quoted by Sportsworld Ghana.

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Solar Ayew expressed his disappointment with the way things unfolded and blamed certain Ghanaian individuals for obstructing Jordan Ayew’s rightful claim to the captaincy.

While he didn’t elaborate on the specific “shenanigans” that occurred, it is clear that Solar Ayew feels that Jordan was overlooked due to unfair practices within Ghanaian football.

Furthermore, Solar Ayew emphasized that nobody has the authority to force Andre Ayew into retirement from the Black Stars. He firmly stated that Andre will make the decision to step down from international duty when he deems it appropriate.

Solar made these remarks in response to comments made by Emmanuel Osei Kuffour, a retired footballer who called for Andre Ayew to be dropped from the national team to allow younger players to have a chance to shine.

Solar Ayew criticized Osei Kuffour’s opinion and highlighted the accomplishments of Andre Ayew, asserting that his nephew has achieved more in his career than Osei Kuffour ever did.

Solar dismissed Osei Kuffour’s comments, questioning his authority to speak about Andre Ayew, and even compared him to Samuel Osei Kuffour, the former Bayern Munich player.

It is important to note that Andre Ayew currently holds the record for the most appearances for the Ghanaian national team, having played in 113 matches and scoring 24 goals.

Solar Ayew’s remarks reflect his belief that Andre Ayew’s contributions and achievements warrant his continued role in the Black Stars.

However, Solar also acknowledged that Jordan Ayew, the younger brother, still has a lot to offer the national team and should not be overlooked for his talent and potential.

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