John Dumelo rolls out “Operation Feed Ourselves” to reduce food imports

John Dumelo rolls out “Operation Feed Ourselves” to reduce food imports

Actor and farmer John Dumelo of Ghana is hopeful that Ghana can cut back on the importation of rice, tomatoes, and onions over the next six years and prevent the cedi from depreciating further.

After launching “Operation Feed Ourselves” in the Guan District, Dumelo made this statement.

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The program intends to increase the production of goods including rice (from the Guan District and northern Ghana), tomatoes, onions, and maize (from other regions of the nation).

Dumelo encouraged Ghanaians to purchase more goods made in their country in a Facebook post.

“I’m happy to launch the ‘Operation Feed Ourselves’ initiative this morning,” he said. “The main focus of this initiative is to produce more foodstuff especially rice (from the Guan district and Northern parts of Ghana), tomatoes, onions and maize from other parts of the country.

“Another important aspect is to urge Ghanaians to add value to what we produce and consume Made-in-Ghana products. Hopefully this initiative will reduce our rice, tomatoes, onions imports by 50% in the next six years.”

Dumelo added: “Let’s us all join hands to make this work. It’s a great time to be a farmer. God bless you and God bless Ghana.”


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