Important Notice: UEW Examination Board Clarifies Resit Examination Fees

The Examination Board of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW) has issued an important announcement regarding resit examination fees.

The board wants all students to take note of the following information to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings.

Contrary to previous misconceptions, the resit examination fee of GHC114.00 is NOT charged for each individual course but rather for the entire semester.

This means that regardless of the number of resits a student has to write in a semester, they will only need to pay the flat fee of GHC114.00.

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For example, if a student has three resits to write in a semester, they will still pay the same fee of GHC114.00, just like a student who only has one resit. The fee is not multiplied by the number of courses a student is retaking.

To ensure fairness and prevent students from being charged multiple times for the same semester, the Examination Board will refund the money to those students who have already paid GHC114.00 for each respective course when they have two or more resits to write.

This clarification aims to address any confusion and alleviate financial burdens on students who may have paid multiple fees for their resit examinations.

The Examination Board and the university’s management are committed to ensuring transparency and fairness in all academic processes.

Students who have paid multiple fees for their resit examinations and are eligible for a refund are advised to contact the appropriate administrative department or student services office to initiate the refund process.

It is essential to provide the necessary documentation and proof of payment for smooth and efficient processing.

The UEW Examination Board encourages all students to take note of this important clarification to avoid any unnecessary payments or misunderstandings regarding resit examination fees.

The university remains committed to providing quality education and ensuring a conducive academic environment for all students.

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