Dr. Dampare

IGP accompanies three children who run away after seeing personnel to school

Law enforcement officers often use the phrase “The police is your friend” to promote a positive and friendly relationship with the community they serve. Dr. Dampare, in a compelling and relatable manner, stressed the role of the police in society and encouraged pupils to perceive them as allies and helpers.

During the session, Dr. Dampare shared stories that highlighted the selflessness and dedication of police officers who had gone above and beyond to assist children and communities. These stories aimed to illustrate that the police are not just figures of authority but individuals who genuinely care about the well-being of the people they serve.

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To foster open communication, Dr. Dampare encouraged the pupils to ask questions and voice any concerns they might have had about the police. This approach helped create a more comfortable and open-minded atmosphere during the sensitization session.

As a result of the interaction, the pupils began to recognize that the police were there to protect and assist them. They came to understand that the police should be seen as approachable and supportive figures, rather than solely as enforcers of the law. This change in perspective helped the pupils develop a positive perception of the police and establish a foundation for a trusting and cooperative relationship between the community and law enforcement.

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