I wrote 80% of Mr Drew’s “Case”; he failed to credit me, and dropped it without my permission- Kuami Eugene

I wrote 80% of Mr Drew’s “Case”; he failed to credit me, and dropped it without my permission- Kuami Eugene

Kuami Eugene, a prominent artist signed under Lynx Entertainment, has recently disclosed his substantial contribution to Mr Drew’s popular song titled “Case.”

According to Kuami Eugene, his creative input into the track amounts to approximately 80% of its content, encompassing the creation of the catchy hook and the crafting of a portion of the second verse.

In his candid interview, Kuami Eugene expressed his sense of frustration and disappointment at not receiving the due recognition for his work on “Case.”

He lamented the fact that he needed to utilize this public platform to address the issue, as the song has gained considerable popularity in Ghana.

Kuami Eugene firmly believes that the song’s hook, which he wrote, holds immense potential and could have been a hit even if he had performed it himself. He drew parallels to his earlier success with “Wish Me Well,” emphasizing the quality of his songwriting.

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Beyond his personal grievances, Kuami Eugene raised a broader concern about the importance of crediting creative talents within the entertainment industry.

He stressed the need for mutual respect among artists and the fair acknowledgment of their contributions. He hopes that by addressing this issue, the industry can move forward with greater transparency and collaboration.

Additionally, Kuami Eugene recounted the circumstances surrounding the release of “Case.” He mentioned that Mr Drew did not communicate the release plans effectively. Kuami Eugene was in America at the time and received a message from Mr Drew asking if they should release the song, but due to the time difference, he was asleep and unable to respond promptly.

Later, another person present during the song’s recording informed Kuami Eugene that Mr Drew had dropped the song without proper notification, and when he reached out to Mr Drew for clarification, he was left with an unanswered message, adding to the communication issues surrounding the song’s release.

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