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I sold my virginity to a fetish priest, now my vagina is ‘rotten’

I sold my virginity to a fetish priest, now my vagina is ‘rotten’

As she explains on Confessions With Ms. Nancy, a young orphaned woman is in a predicament. She joined her friend in order to make quick money, but she is unable to make the constant sacrifices necessary to uphold her charm and way of life.

“We had a friend who was leading a lavish lifestyle. She had money. She appeared attractive and was at ease. We frequently questioned how she managed that kind of life out of envy.

She also revealed to us that after the money started coming in, she went to the Northern Region and performed some purifications.

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We consequently decided to accompany her, but my half-sister abruptly changed her mind. Along with our friend, I persisted and moved toward the north. After the seven days of purification, we chose to take a flight back to Accra rather than take the bus.

Incantations made in the name of purification could be heard everywhere. The fetish priest instructed me to complete one final task on the seventh day, though, in order to complete the cleansing procedure.

I had to take the fetish priest to bed and thought about the seal. It was tough for me to admit that this would be my first time as a virgin, but I gave in.

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