I Set A Trap For Her And Got My Heart Broken

Ama and I initially connected through a WhatsApp group and gradually moved to private chats. I was drawn to her sense of humor and how well she understood me.

Wanting to explore our connection in person, I asked her out on a date, and when we finally met, I felt an incredible bond with her.

We began spending a lot of time together and before long, I found myself falling deeply in love with her.

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It’s not often that you encounter someone so beautiful and captivating, someone who brightens up your life just by being around.

Our friendship evolved into a passionate love affair, and now our relationship is five months old. I love her with all my being—her mind, body, and soul.

However, I noticed that Ama had a subtle flirtatious nature, which bothered me when I discovered she was still in contact with her ex-boyfriend and other guys.

While their conversations seemed innocent, there were underlying hints of flirtation. I decided to confront her about it, expressing my concerns about her talking to other guys while being in a committed relationship.

Her nonchalant response didn’t sit well with me, as she didn’t show any willingness to stop communicating with them out of respect for our relationship. This confrontation triggered trust issues within me.

In an attempt to gather irrefutable proof of her wrongdoing, I silently observed her actions after inviting her to stay at my place while I went to work.

It turned out that she kept herself busy with phone conversations with the guys I had complained about. Although I didn’t confront her directly this time, I silently continued to monitor the situation.

On a Sunday, I sent her to buy groceries, and she happened to meet one of my bosses along the way. They exchanged contacts, and when she returned home, she told me about the encounter.

I advised her not to entertain him, expressing concerns about the safety of interacting with strangers. She listened to my advice without arguing.

Three days later, I decided to chat with her using a different WhatsApp number, disguising myself as the man she had met at the grocery store.

She responded warmly but made it clear that she wasn’t interested in pursuing anything with him as she had a boyfriend.

Although I was the one behind the messages, I commended her for her response and left her alone for two weeks.

Last week, I resumed chatting with her, still pretending to be the grocery store man. I expressed intense interest in her, saying all the right things to evoke a response.

Surprisingly, Ama accepted the proposal, but what hurt me was the image she painted of me (her boyfriend). According to her, our relationship had been failing for the past two weeks, lacking communication and texting.

While she was texting these things to me (as the grocery store man), she was simultaneously talking to me (as her boyfriend) on the phone. She believed she was playing two men, unaware that it was just me all along.

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