I composed ‘Alomo Gyata’ out of broken heart – Aligata App (VIDEO)

The musician behind the viral song, Aligata App, revealed that the inspiration for the composition came from a painful experience he went through with a woman named Alomo Gyata. In an interview with Ghanaian blogger Zion Felix, Aligata shared the story behind the song, describing it as a broken heart song that reflects the emotions he was experiencing at the time of its creation.

The song itself incorporates elements from the popular Highlife track “Akwankwaa Hiani” by Noble Adu Kwasi. Aligata was drawn to the beat of the song and decided to download it. He took the instrumental and edited it himself, realizing that he had something to say but struggling to find the right words.

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Nonetheless, he took hold of the microphone and began singing, leading to the birth of the now viral freestyle. It has been over five months since the song’s release, gaining widespread attention and recognition.

Aligata also shared some details about his background. He mentioned that he holds a degree from the University of Ghana, but before pursuing music, he attended St Anthony’s School in South Odorkor Dansoman and Sweduo Secondary School. Following his formal education, Aligata decided to focus on full-time hustling in the music industry rather than working for someone else. He expressed a preference for doing things independently and making a name for himself.

During the interview, Aligata mentioned that his initial passion was football. However, in 2014, he made the official decision to pursue a career in music. His first song featured Kalyboss, and with the support of bloggers and Kalyboss’s own popularity at the time, the song quickly gained traction and became a viral hit.

Overall, Aligata’s song is a product of personal heartbreak and reflects his journey as a musician who started from humble beginnings, pursued education, and eventually dedicated himself to pursuing his passion in the music industry.

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