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How to use midnight data during day

How to use midnight data during day

Due to its necessity in the internet period, mobile data is currently one of the most expensive commodities. To learn how to use MTN midnight data throughout the day, keep reading this page.

Without cellular data, it is impossible to use the internet for anything from social media surfing to video games, downloading, and streaming.

Therefore, there is a huge need for mobile data. People now opt to turn off their data during the day unless they absolutely need to access social media because of expensive data bundles. When finished, they turn it on at night when midnight is accessible and less expensive than what they pay for during the day.

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What Time Can You Use MTN Night Data?

The MTN midnight data is available from 12:00 am to 5:00 am. Even if you can’t use the entirety of your bundle, it won’t expire and can be used again at the same time every day. For its pre-paid consumers, network companies including Vodafone, MTN, Glo, Airtel Tigo, and others provide a variety of midnight data bundles.

The most affordable data bundles available now are midnight packages. However, as implied by the name, these bundles can only be used at midnight. However, some people continue to inquire as to how these bundles might be used during the day. And what’s this? Yes, it is the answer. In the afternoon, I’ll demonstrate how to use MTN midnight data bundles during the daytime in a few steps.

How To Use MTN Midnight Data Bundle During The Day

So, first, you will dial the MTN data bundle short *138#. A pop-up message appears, and then you choose option 2 for midnight bundles. The next thing to do is choose option 1 for self and then choose one again for Flexi bundles and now enter the amount you wish to bundle, say GHS 2.99.

Choose either to pay with airtime or MoMo to pay to receive your midnight data bundle. Now, here is why you are here. After going through all these processes, let’s take you through how to use the accumulated bundle during the day.

  1. Go to Settings on your phone, select systems, and then click on date and time.
  2. Now put off automatic time, the network provided time and time zone on the phone.
  3. We are getting to the climax of the whole process, so at this juncture, you change the initial time on your phone to say 12:15 am, change the date to the following day, say if today is 16th, change it to the 17th, and then restart your phone.

Now enjoy using your MTN midnight data bundle during the day.

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