How To Replace A Missing Ghana Card, A Comprehensive Guide

Replacing a lost Ghana card is a process that not many are aware of. Consequently, individuals who misplace their Ghana cards often abandon the idea of replacing them. In this comprehensive guide, we will explain how to go about replacing a missing Ghana card.

Initiate a police report for your lost Ghana card. This report is essential for the subsequent steps involving the National Identification Authority (NIA).

Once you have obtained the police report, forward the required documents to the NIA. The NIA office in Shiashi, near Legon in Accra, is where you should submit these forms.

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The NIA will furnish you with an application form. To acquire your replacement card, a fee of 20 cedis is required. The police report is crucial for verifying the legitimacy of your request.

After completing the forms provided by the NIA, you’ll need to undergo the commission of oath. Conveniently, the commission of oath is located adjacent to the NIA office.

Submit the forms, now stamped by the commission of oath, back to the NIA. You will receive notification regarding when to collect your new Ghana card once your documents are processed.

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