How Adwoa Safo lost a baby during childbirth and her first son nearly became a cripple

Seth Osei Kissi, the Chief of Staff for Dome-Kwabenya Member of Parliament, Sarah Adwoa Safo, recently provided further details regarding her extended absence from work.

Kissi explained that Adwoa Safo‘s absence was not intentional and was primarily due to a series of unfortunate circumstances that unfolded in her personal life.

In an interview with Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM, Kissi disclosed that Adwoa Safo had traveled to give birth, but tragically, she experienced the loss of her baby during childbirth.

This heartbreaking event deeply affected her, and she needed time to grieve and recover from this emotional trauma.

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However, the challenges did not end there. Around the same time, Adwoa Safo received distressing news about her first son, who fell ill and was on the verge of losing his ability to walk.

This added another layer of worry and concern for the MP, as she had to navigate her son’s health crisis while still dealing with the loss of her newborn child.

Given the gravity of these personal circumstances, Adwoa Safo made the difficult decision to extend her leave of absence from her parliamentary duties.

She needed the time and space to address these family matters, provide support to her son, and heal from the emotional and physical toll of losing a child.

Kissi emphasized that throughout this challenging period, Adwoa Safo demonstrated remarkable strength and resilience.

Despite the overwhelming circumstances she faced, she remained steadfast in her commitment to her constituents and her role as a lawmaker.

The viral video of Adwoa Safo singing that circulated online came as a moment of joy and relief for her. Kissi explained that the video was filmed after Adwoa Safo received a call from her son’s doctor, informing her that the surgery had been successful and that her son would regain his ability to walk.

It was a significant milestone in their journey towards recovery, and the MP couldn’t contain her happiness and gratitude in that moment.

Kissi revealed that Adwoa Safo decided to share these personal details and the reasons for her absence because constituents continued to demand answers.

The relentless inquiries prompted her to be transparent about the circumstances that led to her extended leave. By providing this explanation, she hoped to address any doubts or concerns about her commitment to her role as a Member of Parliament.

Furthermore, Kissi shared that Adwoa Safo has already taken steps to reconnect with her constituents and secure their support.

She has held meetings with youth and women organizers in the constituencies, and the response has been positive.

Notably, the delegates have launched a campaign titled “No Adwoa Safo, No Vote,” indicating their strong endorsement of her candidacy for reelection in the New Patriotic Party’s parliamentary primaries.

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