HIV positive lady from the University Of Ghana lists guys she has infected on various campuses

A Ghanaian woman apologized to all the men she had slept with on her social media page as she recently learned that one of them was HIV positive.

The last few hours have seen a flurry of activity on Twitter following the explanation of how an HIV-positive woman from the University of Ghana infected men. She was unaware of having HIV, according to the screenshots of her message that were posted on Twitter. She claims she has no idea who infected her with the illness, which implies that she has more than one lover.

She further stated that she stopped checking her status about two years ago, but that she has since discovered that it has altered.

She pleaded for pardon from all the guys she had communicated with and interacted with as an adult in her tearful message.

She claimed she had no desire to spread the illness to others and regretted not being more aware of her condition.

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The awful part is that she published the initial names of some of the guys she thinks she may have been exposed to HIV, and she also neglected to keep track of some of their phone numbers.

Major public universities like the University of Ghana, the University of Professional Studies, and the University of Cape Coast, among others, are home to the majority of the young men she fears she has been infected with HIV and AIDS.

Some of the specific guys she believes she has infested are as follows

Nana – Legon

Richmond -Legon

King -UCC

Adams – Oyarifa

Eugene – legon

James -UPSA

I am sorry you all, I didn’t know I had it…she added

Her second list included the following names

Mamaba, Ishmael -Abelempe, Ronald, Ford 3 (That is how your name is saved), David – We met at Accra Mall somewhere in November)

Another group of guys who are on her list was

Wizlord, Richie, sells phones at Circle, Mensah, Joel, and Ato.


There are countless names, and the troubling thing is that these men may be carriers of the virus, which they may then spread to their friends on and off campus.

If the list of names provided by the University of Ghana’s HIV-positive students is any indication, these likely-infected men will have a significant multiplier impact.

The regretful HIV-positive woman from the University of Ghana has begged everyone she may have infected for forgiveness. If you have several lovers, it’s time to evaluate your situation and alter your way of living.

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