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Highlight Of Artiste, Shatana’s 2022’s Discography

Highlight Of Artiste, Shatana’s 2022’s Discography

Shatana is a singer-songwriter and philanthropist who has had a highly eventful 2022. Despite a few bumps along the way, her year was wonderfully wrapped up.

Shatana started the year off right with a fast-paced, funky freestyle she dropped in March called “Ate Afaso,” which is slang for “it has overflowed” in the region. She said that everyone would be able to appreciate all the nice things that the year has to offer.

Check out the song below.

“Indomie Generation,” the second release, had an Amapiano vibe. The singer discussed how most modern females would want to slaughter their way through life rather than learning chaste ideals through the song.

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Check out the song below.

In the early days of May 2022, the talented musician then followed the second song, “Ati Afaso,” with the political protest song “Anfa.” The song, a drill jam, satirically called for a better form of government to enable everyone in the nation to live happily.

Shatana thwarted the way the current administration made promises to the populace about benefits they would provide once in power, but none were ever fulfilled. Due to its message, “Anfa” gained popularity and was played by DJs on numerous radio stations and in public.

Check out the song below.

The friendly musician then released a song in August called “Lipo Lipo,” which argued against body modification, which peaked in the year under review.

The song “Lipo Lipo” urges people to forego undergoing surgery to improve their bodies through a procedure known as “liposuction,” especially ladies (a cosmetic procedure used in plastic surgery).

Shatana warned the young people against continuing the practice because of its negative consequences. Because the song was released at a time when most celebrities were normalizing the behavior, it received a ton of radio play right away.

Check out the song below.

“Sika Mp Dede,” Shatana’s final album of the year, was released in November. Ironically, the vigilante artist mocked a line from the president’s most recent “State of the Nation speech,” His Excellency Nana Akuffo Addo.

The president who used the saying “Sika Mp Dede” first intended that the Ghanaian people should limit or better still quit agitating over the excessive sufferings and growing economic crises since money could not be made where there was so much “noise” and turmoil.

As a social activist, Shatana put the president’s precise words, “Sika Mp3 Dede,” into a song and incorporated them with other common phrases to portray the country’s present struggles.

As usual, it got a massive impression from music lovers in the country because it simply spoke truth to power literary. Shatana then followed it up with a nice music visual a month after.

Check out the song below.

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