Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Heavy Security at NDC National Delegates Congress Grounds

Heavy Security at NDC National Delegates Congress Grounds

The Accra Sports Stadium, the location of the National Democratic Congress’s national delegates congress, is well guarded (NDC).

To prevent any unanticipated events and deter anybody who might instigate trouble that could affect the electoral process, security in and around the congress grounds has been stepped up.

With the “No Accreditation, No Entry” policy in effect, the presence of hundreds of Ghana Police Security employees and their accoutrements can be felt strongly.

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The Ghana National Fire Service personnel have not been forgotten. Additionally, there are medical teams and clinics set up inside the stadium’s boundaries.

Following the pandemonium that overshadowed the youth and women’s organizers election at the University of Cape Coast last weekend, the party leadership has promised a congress devoid of incidents.

The party’s numerous constituencies are anticipated to send around 9,000 delegates to participate in the voting process.

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