He Kicked Me Out Of The Room We Rented Together.

A university student with dreams of saving the world struggles to support himself financially.

When he proposes to the narrator, she initially rejects him because she is looking for a man who can take care of her.

However, her conscience tells her that he may be able to support her in the future, so she agrees to be with him.

The narrator is pursuing her dream of becoming a fashion designer but is also seeking a man who can provide for her.

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She rejects many men who don’t meet her expectations until she meets Hubert, who has dreams of his own. He suggests that they find a place to live together, but she initially refuses.

However, when her living situation becomes unbearable, she agrees to move in with him.

As they live together, Hubert starts demanding things from her as if he were the head of the household, despite not having any money.

He complains about her snoring and talking in her sleep, especially when she denies him sex. One night, he locks her out of their rented home and throws her belongings outside, ultimately wanting to kick her out of the house.

The narrator seeks help from someone who can retrieve her belongings, including Hubert’s laptop. Hubert pleads for his laptop back, and they arrange a meeting.

She returns the laptop but refuses to give him any money, telling him he can collect it from the men who helped her.

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