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Hajia4Real hides her GPS tracker towards her alleged fraud news

Hajia 4 Real hides her GPS tracker towards her alleged fraud news

Hajia4Real, a Ghanaian socialite and musician, recently shared new pictures of herself in the UK and it has caused social media breakdown.

Hajia was arrested for several weeks on fraud charges before being finally freed and escaping to Ghana.

Until she startled us earlier today with pictures taken in the UK, that is what we all believed.

When posting the images with the location Kensington, UK, Hajia wrote: “I don fresh finish like today’s bread. London girl 😉 #GodsChild 🙏

The images might have easily been from her most recent vacation and taken before her arrest, but netizens immediately picked up on one oddity: Hajia’s legs were obscured in the picture!

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The blogger speculated that Hajia may have hidden her legs after she posted a picture of herself without them and afterwards uploaded a picture of a GPS tracker.

Fans began to wonder why right away, with trouble-making blogger thosecalledcelebs assuming the lead.

“This is called an ankle bracelet, tether or ankle shackle, it is GPS electronic device they use to monitor people under trial… serving probation and parole so that they can’t run from the country or a particular area until their case is over. So if you know someone who use to remove the whole leg to snap pictures and all of a sudden…only short pictures….then it means…WORLD CLOCK IS CLOCKING 😆 the blogger wrote.

Check out Hajia’s post

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