Gyakie Set To Showcase Unique Sound On LiveNation-Powered Tour

Gyakie, a Ghanaian singer-songwriter, has planned a tour of the UK and France that will start on May 18 at Gorilla Manchester.

With her distinctive fusion of Afrobeats, R&B, and Pop, Gyakie, whose real name is Jackline Acheampong, has been making waves in the music world.

Her songs have received accolades for their memorable melodies, relevant lyrics, and catchy beats, and she has a sizable fan base both in Ghana and abroad.

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Gyakie’s place as a rising talent in the African music scene is further cemented by the remix of the song by Nigerian musician Omah Lay.

A crucial turning point for Gyakie, who has been progressively advancing her career over the past four years, is the approaching tour.

Gyakie has received accolades for her energetic live performances and her ability to engage the audience, so don’t pass up this chance.

Overall, Gyakie’s planned tour is evidence of both her rising fame and musical talent.

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