Ghana under attack by Aljazeera

When a demonic scheme is set into motion to intentionally impoverish tens of thousands of families, it is no longer a case of human rights advocacy; rather, it is an inhumane assault on the very right to exist in dignity and peace without interference from enslavement, the very act they hypocritically seek to combat by enslaving others.

Indeed, that is what it is.

I have a tendency to think that international media is a fraud that is based on false information that benefits the powerful, powerful, and wealthy at the expense of the weak, vulnerable, and disadvantaged. It denigrates all sincere attempts to improve the extreme poverty and subpar living conditions of the great majority of people on earth, particularly in Africa.

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Here in Ghana, there is a real struggle to ward off the inimical oppression of Western Societies that seek dominance in every aspect of life. For many years, the international cocoa buyers have controlled the price of cocoa beans and all related

products to the extent that where access to chocolate is as common as that of water in their part of the world, cocoa growers and their families, more so their children, on our side of the world do not know what it tastes like!

Western nations do not care how cOcoa farmers survive so long as their interests are secured! Isn’t this how the story has always been since the advent of the European on the shores of Ghana

on that fateful Sunday, hence the general name given to light-skinned persons, “Akwasi”!? Never mind that they brought Christianity to subjugate their victims yet captured slaves in the name of holy ordinance baptised with the first voyage on board the first slave vessel, insolently, named,

“The Jesus of Lubeck”!

The bloodthirsty Western hounds who are clamoring to restore total control of the cocoa industry, which has escaped their slimy fingers for the first time in its history, have some key points that have eluded their chutzpah, if only Aljazeera had done their research on this sensitive matter.

I never thought Aljazeera, the leading media organization of Qatar, the most honorable nation I cherish, the cradle of piety and honor, established on the principles of human rights, would collude with the global cocoa buyers to the harm of the underprivileged in Ghana. How can one fail to see such grotesque evil when Aljazeera presents a front of abuse and hypocrisy?

Before I continue, I must express my unequivocal condemnation of Eva Atiboka, the Al Jazeera correspondent in Accra, for abandoning her own country. She is all too familiar with how life is conducted in our culture. She may not have realized the benefits of being exposed to the fundamental ways we survive, but the truth is that it is revolting to adopt a foreign culture while disparaging your own by saying it is child-unfriendly.

I have no idea where or how she was raised, but I can tell with certainty that she has offended the exact customs that her parents undoubtedly followed in earlier times.

One must understand that in Ghana, we

are trained to be empathetic, sympathetic, while unapologetic to the foreign dictates that have bewildered even the witches resident in the boglands of the Western topography! Then again, it is not surprising to see such betrayal coming from Eva Atiboka, after all she is a member of the opposition National Democratic Congress and was a parliamentary aspirant on its ticket for the Builsa-North constituency in the Upper East Region of Ghana, which she lost,

obtaining 44 votes constituting 6.68% of a total of 658 valid votes cast, on the 24th of August, 2019.

In order to achieve this goal, she will do whatever it takes to win easy political points in the vain aim of increasing her lackluster popularity. Her name would have undoubtedly remained buried beneath the droppings of the wild animals rambling around aimlessly in her backyard if not for the inquiry we did!

Many people have been duped by lies like that spread by Eva and her parent channel, Aljazeera Network. Who knows if Aljazeera received a very large check from the worldwide buyers’ mafia to undermine Ghana cocoa’s credibility in the battle for domination, but what is certain is that they damaged their reputation—something they ought to have known better than toy with.

We were astonished by this bogus exposé, which is, of course, without prejudice to many of their real and accurate reportages, amazing anchors, and fine journalists. We want to think that they were duped! Eva did their dirty work, but they got all the credit!

Politicking has always fostered skewed propaganda in favor of the wealthy and powerful because it is a game that is grossly entwined with the disastrous belches of loudmouthed miscreants and jaundiced characters, both educated and illiterate, with sharp teeth and all. As every station gives the same story a different spin, it can be difficult to tell when a report is being honest.

Conversations and banter on the air are virtually always biased in favor of truth-twisters. It is not uncommon to hear shouting lies and insinuations coming from the mouths of people, both sexes indicated, who would take a cheap shot at anything that will draw attention to them, such as propaganda, fake news, self-aggrandizing issues, and so forth. The latter is a characteristic that stands out strongly on these global media networks, and it is untrue to say that they have a normal disposition given the inappropriate scheduling of topics, particularly those that harm innocent nations!

The fallout from Aljazeera’s false reportage on ournation’s cocoa production is, purposely, to assist

international buyers push European and

American legislators to ban Cocoa from Ghana, and when such an unfortunate documentary is aired internationally, their case is given a boost, prompting pressure groups to come onboard to discourage Ghana cocoa.

Because of all these maneuvers, no one will purchase Ghana’s cocoa, which, if left in the silos, will rot and turn unfit for consumption. Hence, even if it meant selling for pennies, the Ghana Cocoa Board (Cocobod) would have to accept whatever price was provided.

In this case, who is the loser? the nation that Eva Atiboka deceived, and the impoverished cocoa farmers toiling on their farms!

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