Ghana Police Hauls Shatta Wale In For Questioning Over Bulldog’s Involvement In Fenec Okyere’s Death

Shatta Wale, a dancehall musician who has claimed to know something about the killing of Fenick Okyere, has been invited by the Ghana Police Service.

The SM boss claimed in a previous post that his old boss was accountable for “Fenick’s” passing and that he was prepared to testify in court.

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Shatta wrote on Facebook: “Bull Dog since u r bringing out secrets. You will tell Ghanaians. What happens to Fenicks Murder !! And I am not joking about this time !!

I am ready to tell the court about what you told me about you and your men and how planned that foolish act get ready.

This Akuffo Addo won’t give you a murder chance to be on our streets !!! Watch how this ends !!! You can’t fight time !!!”

Musician Kwaw Kese quickly responded by asking the Ghana Police to look into Shatta for the death of his manager in order to learn more.

Shatta Wale has been asked to help with the investigation into the allegations he made, according to a statement the police posted on their official Twitter accounts.

Read the full statement below:

Police statement

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