Ghana care holders can enter United States without a visa.

Holders of Ghana cards are not need to have a visa to enter the US. A Ghanaian national must board the same airplane as the Ghana card bearer in order to achieve this. They can also board a plane without a visa if they are flying first class.

If your Ghana card has expired and you’re seeking to enter the United States without a visa, you must apply for a new Ghana card before you leave for the airport.

The Ghana card is a digital identification card that can serve as a travel document for Ghanaians. When applying for a job, opening a bank account, or starting a business, you can also use the digital card to demonstrate your nationality.

It is significant to remember that holders of the Ghana card do not need a visa to enter the US, the UK, or other nations.

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A phone call and a visit to the embassy are all that are required to obtain a visa.


It can be challenging for Ghanaians who want to travel to figure out how to obtain a Ghana card without a visa.

By being aware of the following, getting your card can be done more easily:

How to obtain a Ghana card in Ghana without a visa.

where the nearest embassy of Ghana is located.

how to access the online application form the procedure for obtaining a passport and visa for Africa.

how to obtain a Ghana card and visa outside of Ghana.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Ghanaian immigration, the immigration office is not the most dependable or trustworthy organization.

It can be incredibly challenging to reach them because they don’t have an official website or phone number.

Many people are left wondering how to obtain their Ghana card so they can leave the country without risking being turned away at the airport for lack of a visa.


We’ve put together a list of reliable sites so you may get your Ghana card without a visa because it’s not a good idea to swell your wallet for the Ghanaian immigration office.

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