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Ghana Can Easily Win The World Cup – Joseph Matthew

Ghana Can Easily Win The World Cup – Joseph Matthew

The world cup is here, and the odds are worse than ever that an African team, more especially team Ghana, will take home the trophy in Qatar.

The countries representing Africa at this year’s World Cup are Ghana, Senegal, Morocco, Tunisia, and Cameroon.

It is incredibly disappointing that despite having produced renowned footballers like Ghana’s Abedi Pele, Liberia’s current president George Opong-Weah, the Ivory Coast’s Didier Drogba, and Cameroon’s Samuel Eto’o, Africa has failed to claim the title of world champion in the sport.

The quarterfinals are the highest stage an African nation has ever reached. Senegal was the first African nation to accomplish this feat in 2002, and Ghana did so at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

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Ghana became the closest African side to making history as the first team to go to the semifinals at the 2010 World Cup, the first to be held in Africa.

The Black Stars, who were competing in only their second World Cup, advanced to the last eight and were poised to become the first African side to advance to the World Cup semifinals, but the dream was dashed when Uruguay humiliated them in a penalty shootout.

But the persistent query among football fans and experts is, “Can an African side ever win the World Cup?” When will that happen, even if the answer is “yes”?

Well, Ghanaian Afro-gospel musician Joseph Matthew, a former player now living in the UK, has predicted that one African team will undoubtedly win the World Cup if they prepare well.

The “Blessed” Hitmaker explained to what most African teams, specifically Ghana’s side, the “Black Stars,” must accomplish to win the Cup. He stated:

“of course! African teams can triumph, Ghana Black Stars can win without a doubt. But long-term planning is not something that we do very often in Africa.

Before the World Cup, a coach would be hired, then fired, and a new coach would take over with new players and a new mentality. We are not sustainable”, he continued.

The renowned Afro-gospel musician claimed that our national football regulating authorities’ meddling in the player selection process is another dreadful scheme hurting our prospects of winning the world cup.

“The Ghana Football Association must develop a long-term strategy that would lead the Black Stars to win her maiden World Cup,” the “Nyame Ye” singer counseled.

In this, he claimed that the key to our success is developing individuals from an early age till they are ready for the national team.

Since Joseph Matthew first entered the Ghanaian gospel music market in 2019, he has released songs like “Nyame Ye,” “My Story,” “The Name,” and “Blessed” that are incredibly well-produced.

The song “Blessed,” which was released in May of this year, has received a lot of support from industry insiders for the “Record of the Year” honor at the 2023 Ghana Music Awards.

Feel “Blessed” by Joseph Matthew from below.

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