GES sends Form 2 students above 18yrs home; the reason will shock you

GES sends Form 2 students above 18yrs home; the reason will shock you

Certainly, the Ghana Education Service (GES) has recently taken a significant step to promote civic engagement among its student population.

In an effort to uphold the constitutional right of all Ghanaian citizens to participate in the democratic process, GES has communicated with its regional directorates to facilitate the temporary departure of students aged 18 and above.

This move allows these students, particularly those in Form two (2), to actively partake in the ongoing limited voter registration exercise.

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The GES directive specifies a specific timeframe, granting eligible students three days to leave their educational institutions for the purpose of registering for their voter ID cards.

This window of opportunity spans from Friday, September 22nd, to Sunday, September 24th, 2023.

The decision reflects the commitment of GES to ensure that young adults have the chance to engage in the electoral process and have their voices heard in the nation’s governance.

Furthermore, the GES has mandated Regional Directors of Education to disseminate this information to all Heads of Second Cycle institutions within their respective jurisdictions.

This ensures that the message reaches every eligible student who may wish to exercise their right to vote.

The limited voter registration exercise, which commenced on September 12th and is set to conclude on October 2nd, spans a 21-day period, inclusive of weekends.

During this time, first-time voters are encouraged to visit the district offices of the Electoral Commission, Ghana (EC) to complete their registration.

This proactive approach by GES not only encourages civic participation but also emphasizes the importance of education in fostering responsible citizenship among the youth of Ghana.

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