GES Rules On Teaching Notes And Working Hours

GES Rules On Teaching Notes And Working Hours

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has clearly defined rules regarding teaching notes and working hours in its code of conduct.

Despite teachers’ awareness of these rules, many still violate them. It is crucial for the general public, including the National Teaching Council (NTC), parents, and guardians, to have knowledge of these regulations.

Regarding teaching notes, GES mandates that teachers must prepare relevant and sufficient teaching notes in advance, and school heads are responsible for ensuring compliance.

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Additionally, teachers must assign an appropriate amount of written and practical exercises, evaluate them promptly, and manage their end-of-term exams.

Negative comments in students’ exercise books are prohibited, as is making students copy notes on the chalkboard, which is the sole responsibility of the teacher.

In terms of working hours, GES stipulates that daily working hours must align with legal regulations. The determination of contact hours and reporting times should be the result of negotiations between GES and teachers’ unions.

Staff members must regularly and punctually report for duty as prescribed by GES. In certain circumstances, staff may be asked to work beyond regular hours, a decision made by the school head or in consultation with GES and the unions.

Educational institutions are required to maintain attendance records, and it is the duty of the school head to oversee this.

It is imperative that schools, especially private ones, adhere to these rules on working hours for teachers. This is especially relevant when private schools assign additional duties to teachers outside of regular hours without providing compensation.

For example, some private schools expect teachers to start their day as early as 4 a.m., joining school buses to pick up students from various locations, and arriving at school by 7 a.m. or 8 a.m. Such duties fall outside regular school hours and should warrant fair compensation for the teachers from their employers.

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