Fowl prices increased ahead of Christmas

Fowl prices increased ahead of Christmas

This Christmas holiday, the Ghana Poultry Farmers Association predicts that fowl prices would increase.

Two weeks ago, poultry was initially selling for GH55; today, it costs GH70.

But before Christmas, this price is anticipated to slightly increase.

Vincent Oppong Owusu Adjei, president of the Ghana Poultry Farmers Association, explains that the rising cost is due to the high cost of pharmaceuticals and poultry feed.

Regarding Christmas, you must provide Ghanaians with fresh, healthy chicken; otherwise, the cost will increase.

“As of right now, we’ve set the price for the layer at GH70 per bird. The price of the broiler is not fixed because it would be determined by its weight, he said on JoyNews.

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“If you look at the cost of manufacturing, I mean feed, which was GH1500 per tonne, is now GH6,700,” he asserted. The percentage is excessive, which is having an impact on the poultry sector.

Compared to the same time last year, poultry prices increased by 100%.

Before Christmas last year, poultry sold for between GH35 and GH40, but during the holiday season, it went for GH45.

For this reason, the price increase would signal a weak market for sellers.

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