Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

Forget what they say; when visiting Africa, start with Ghana. Said Stephen Harvey ⁠

Forget what they say; when visiting Africa, start with Ghana. Said Stephen Harvey ⁠

According to Steve Harvey, Ghana is the entryway to Africa, thus anyone planning to travel to the continent should first travel to the West African nation, which is led by H.E. Nana Addo. ⁠\s⁠

American viewers were listening to the internationally renowned TV host during a program. To better comprehend African culture and the great contributions made by Africans to the world, he urged his fellow people to visit Africa. ⁠

Mr. Harvey advises visitors to Botswana, which he characterizes as the world’s second-largest diamond producer with a lot to offer, to set aside any preconceived views and travel to Ghana first.

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“Leave behind all of your prior knowledge. You must visit Ghana first when you travel to Africa, and then you must visit Botswana to witness what we… (pause)” ⁠

Johannesburg was mentioned by Steve as yet another crucial location to comprehend the genuine nature of Africans. Speaking of music, he refuted accusations that Burna Boy had imitated American musical genres. ⁠

“They are the rhythm, the beat, and the song; they are the Africans, and they are us. They require a lot of work, but they also give us bravery. They resemble your family when you first see them, folks “said he said

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Steve Harvey believes that meeting Africans in person will help people comprehend that they are just like everyone else, with the same rhythm, song, and hard work that everyone relies on. Hear more from him in the video below. ⁠

In 2019, Steve traveled to Ghana with his family. Steve traveled back to Ghana to film a season of his TV show Family Fued, which was broadcast on TV3.

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